The Pink Serpent

by Shrug and Harsh Noise Movement



A harsh auditory journey through clerical rape.


released December 25, 2016

Track one - Electronics, guitars, bass, field recordings, vocals, and everything else performed by Richard Weeks.

Track two - All noise, synth, loops, sample manipulation and too many cigarettes - HNM

Songs of Prey is dedicated to all the victims of the filthy scum that rape and abuse in the name of the lord. Fuck them and their lord......

Release Date: 25/12/2016
Label Blackened Death Records (BDR 0063)



all rights reserved


Blackened Death London, UK

​Blackened Death Records is an independent record label based in London, UK founded by underground musician Richard Weeks. The label specializes in extreme metal and other forms of underground music like neofolk and harsh noise. Their music is distributed digitally on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and other services through Plastic Head Media Group. ... more

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Track Name: Shrug - The Pink Serpent
I) Coils of Eternity

There on Christmas day
Was when my faith was taken away
Within the halls of Jesus Christ
My childhood was sacrificed

It only hurt the first time
Just a secret, not a crime
Down here I crawled with the snakes
Washed in white by the crimson saint

And he stood, holding the rod
Hiding from the eyes of God
I show you, you show me
Down the coils of eternity

II) On its Belly

In the filth on my belly
My face down in the dirt
The saint standing behind me
Close my eyes so it won't hurt

I kneel to the serpent
On my knees for the serpent

III) Endless Ages of Molestation

And the men in red
Try to hide from the dead
Rubbing their pink snakes
Covering up their rapes

In the name of the snake
In the name of rape
By the will of God
By the will of dogs

Endless ages of molestation
Endless ages of rape
Endless ages of penetration
Endless coils of the snake