Waste Statistics

by Vaginal Pentagram



Album Description –

This album represents a dark, dense and deeply troubling exploration of some of the worst, and most depressing kinds of human behaviour from a harsh power-electronics perspective. Certain concepts within the album are esoteric and personal that they will likely never make sense to anyone but the creator. If you don’t want exposure to the themes within this album, don’t listen to it, carry on with your head in the sand and follow the herd. To those who choose to listen, Vaginal Pentagram is ashamed to present you with, Waste Statistics.

Album Credits -

Samples within this album originate from the BBC.
The spoken word piece in “Tool” is an extract from the Peter Sotos work of the same name read by Vaginal Pentagram.

The spoken word sections of “SIDS” and “Violated On Moorland” are original works written and read by Vaginal Pentagram.

All noise, electronics and audio destruction originally recorded and edited by Vaginal Pentagram using a vast array of technology and techniques.

Lyrics -

“Tool” (By Peter Sotos)

Think now – of how painful the rest of your mommy’s life is going to be. How she’ll hurt from the moment she notices you’re gone ’til the day she dies. How she’ll never be able to think of anything else. How nothing else will ever matter. How no other thoughts will be able to push the images of your pain and torture and desperate death out of her mind. You will always be there – like a Catholic’s bleeding and crying christ on a cross – in the forefront of her mind. Everything she does from now on will be controlled by images of you laughing in your crib… turning into images of you silent in your casket.

“SIDS” (By Vaginal Pentagram)

Fractures. Internal bleeding. Cranial haemorrhage.
Shaken so violently the spinal column was severed at the base of the skull.

Blood present within the lungs. Bruising around the throat in patterns that suggest choking.

All the Doctors are told it was a slip on the stairs, but they know falling down the stairs doesn’t gouge an eye, doesn’t leave the rake marks of fingernails.

“Violated On Moorland” (By Vaginal Pentagram)

Restrained. Strong Tape to prevent escape.

Savagely beaten into pure information. Reduced to a crime statistic.
Paraded on the evening news like a shock value mascot.

Appeals are made, tears are shed. But fuck all is done. Fuck all is resolved.

Eventually the public stop caring. Eventually there is no one left to care.

Human flesh turned into historical fact and gruesome side show oddity.


released April 11, 2016

Release Date: 04/11/2016
Label Blackened Death Records (BDR 0059)



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