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I'm The Pope. The Pope runs Blackened Death. The majority of The Pope's music is available through Blackened Death. The "Yeah, I know The Pope" VIP membership gives you immediate access to anything and everything The Pope has released on Blackened Death. You will also get immediate access to everything my bands release in the future on Blackened Death.

This includes a huge amount of bands: Carnivorous Forest, World Controller, Sea Wolves of the Atlantic, Suicide Wraith, Shrug, Elk, Noir, Antitheist, Redacted and more yet to be announced...

You also get 25% off /all/ merch orders, early access to new material, first dibs on merch, input on one off tracks and shirts, plus more... much more...

Join The Pope's legions.

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Blackened Death
London, UK
​Blackened Death Records is an independent record label based in London, UK founded by underground musician Richard Weeks. The label specializes in extreme metal and other forms of underground music like neofolk and harsh noise. Their music is distributed digitally on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and other services through Plastic Head Media Group.

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